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Century City is home to a large network of diverse businesses, large and small, creating a huge demand for up-to-date, modern technology. In an age of online and digital prominence, where most business is conducted over the internet, through email and even video conferencing, each business needs to know they can depend on the most efficient network connection.

Benefits for Business Users


A wide range of accredited independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been selected by Century City Connect to offer specifically designed packages to businesses, allowing you to select the package that best caters for your business requirements and budget.


A carrier-neutral network provides a competitive environment in terms of level and range of services offered, costings, and connections.

and Voice

ISPs offer revolutionary broadband and data speeds enabling high tech abilities such as video conferencing and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions.

Large Data
File Transfer

Most companies today use independent data sending services. This can be costly, and certainly an indirect way of sending important information. ISPs offer specific network packages to enable large data files to be sent securely and efficiently.

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