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Century City is an integrated commercial, residential and leisure precinct where thousands of families live, work, shop and play. Century City Connect enhances this lifestyle by offering residents first-world, reliable Internet connectivity. A wide number of residential developments in Century City are already connected.

Benefits for Residential Users


A carrier-neutral network provides a competitive environment in terms of level and range of services offered, costings, and connections.


Our open access network is capable of efficiently transporting triple-play voice, video and data services via a single RF cable and IF television head-end; eliminating the need for a separate satellite dish in order to pick up a DStv signal, or other paid TV channel signals.

Unrivaled data
transfer speeds

A world-class, reliable connection allows for fast, seamless and uninterrupted video streaming, online gaming and social interaction.

Accredited Internet Service Providers

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Phone: 08611 CONNECT | (021) 250 0100
Address: Rialto Road, Century City, Cape Town